Oxylabs Review + 07 Days Free Trial: Do You Need To Buy It Or Not?

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Are you tired of searching for an honest review of the most-hyped proxy service provider, Oxylabs? Well, you do not need to explore more. Because here, we bring you an extremely unbiased Oxylabs review for 2021.

Oxylabs is a proxy giant. So, we do not want to cut short and provide the information in brief. We will be talking about every component of this service provider to ensure that you do not have any queries once you go through this article. Hence, stay with us till the end, to finally make a perfect decision when you step out.

Before getting started, Oxylabs may seem a little pricey to many of you out there, but is it worth getting hands on this particular software, or is there any good alternative? Well, for that, we need to dig out more. So, let us roll in and catch up on the most trustworthy Oxylabs studies of all time.

Proxy Service Providers

Proxy service providers are software or computer devices that work as an intermediate between an endpoint system and a client device that requests a service. The proxy providers may be available on the same or a separate device as well. The services enable the users to have uncomplicated access to proxy gateways, providing the best proxies, connection speed, web page scraping, and pricing.

The proxy service providers play the role of a web filter, or say, perform as a firewall for providing received internet connections and cache data to increase the speed of the general requests. So, fundamentally a proxy service provider or server protects internal networks from the harmful elements available on the internet. Hence, we can say that the proxy servers provide an intensive level of privacy.

So, this was a brief introduction to proxy services providers, and having said that, one of the finest and most reliable proxy servers of all times, Oxylabs. And here, we have jotted down some points and divided them into digestible chunks to provide you an overall idea of this leading service provider. 

Oxylabs Review In a Brief

Official Website
Authentication Username/Password, IP Authentication
Filtering/Targeting Cities/Countries
IP Type Residential
Pool Of IPs 30+ Million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
IP Rotation Each Session
Sticky Session (Time)
Speed Good
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample (Monthly) 50GB – $300 
Jurisdiction Location Lithuania
Free Trial Yes
Refund Policy 7 days
Support Support Ticket

Before some time, numerous questions popped up on online platforms asking whether Luminati and GeoSurf are better alternatives than Oxylabs. And the answers were distributed into sections as some preferred GeoSurf while others were rooting for Luminati and some believed hands down Oxylabs is the best proxy server.

Oxylabs is a proxy server that serves as a link in which the web requests get routed to cover up the IP address, which is the identity of the initiating computer device. The IP address of a system is a group of numbers that gets separated by dots. The identification number provides a clue to receive system data and the geographical location of the device.

So, the Oxylabs server enables its users to hide their IP addresses to protect their Internet protocols, system data, and location from the website URLs they visit. There are enormous proxy tools available in the market for this, but Internet users rely upon Oxylabs software because of its excellent performance. It provides the perfect security and ensures that all your system data remains safe.

More About Oxylabs

Oxylabs is amongst one of the top service providers as it has a tremendous collection of private IP addresses and data center proxies around the globe. And they have their presence in almost every region in this world, making them an exceptional server distribution network. Talking about the 03 necessary services of Oxylabs, they offer a crawler, data center proxy, and IP address proxy provision to the users. 

Oxylabs is one of the reliable service provider companies having its roots based in Lithuania, Europe. It ensures security and keeps its users far away from any spam involved in the services. They have a consistent server uptime of 99%, which makes it worth building trust. They provide a firm service which makes them more compatible with business owners who are strict about their requirements. It is not for small industries or hackers testing out the software for fun.

Use Cases For Oxylabs

Oxylabs boasts of being a premium data extraction server, and hence we have  a list of aspects for which people can consider using this service provider:

  • Market Research
  • Brand Protection
  • Travel Fare Aggregation
  • Ad Verification
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Price Monitoring
  • Email Protection
  • Review Monitoring
  • Cyber Security

The software got derived by a bunch of web scraping technicals, and it is the fundamental element in which it operates and performs best as a data extraction tool. 

Is Oxylabs A Good Investment?

There are a lot of rumors of the software, some are good, and some are bad. But we decide to pen down all the truth in front of you to pick out which is worth listening to and which is not.

Oxylabs Subscription/ Pricing Plans

The pricing plans are just like the two different sides of the coin. It may either attract the audience or repel them straightaway. But it is not an easier task to manage the subscription rates in a proxy server market. If you deeply understand the proxy industry, you can recognize whether there are open proxies free of cost or residential proxies that are pretty expensive. And some of those service providers that lie in between consisting of data centers get moderately priced.

Now, coming straight to the point, Oxylabs is expensive. And it is worth it because they help you surf better than other data center servers. Also, the subscription plans are pretty different from other proxy service providers. Oxylabs do not charge considering the number of IP addresses. Indeed they concentrate more on the bandwidth.

The basic pricing plan is $600 for 50GB bandwidth. Hence, each bandwidth gets sold at $12. So, once you exhaust the said bandwidth, you can purchase an extra by paying $12. Now, this is not a pocket-friendly subscription charge. However, reaching out for more bandwidth will make you spend less.

Proxy Server Network Distribution

Oxylabs claims that it acquires over a 100 million+ IP address network, distributed from around the world on their website. They also ensure that their users do not end up landing on captchas or getting their IP blocked. They also share an interactive map that shows the data of the number of IP addresses available in a particular country when you hover over your cursor on it.

Internet Connection Speed

Even though you have a high-speed Internet connection, a proxy service provider will inevitably reduce it. In some cases, this speed reduction is minimal, yet others face a high reduction that makes them file a complaint. But you must understand that residential proxies like Oxylabs reroute the requests, which constrain the Internet speed. But this is not the case with a data center proxy.


Oxylabs provides paid services, and all of their proxies are accessible only if you prove to hold a subscription. So, to unlock the proxies, you either need username and password authentication or IP authentication.

1. Username And Password Authentication

Username and password authentication have existed for a long time now. It is a standard authentication, and almost every website and application make use of it. Remembering the password or using brute-force techniques to guess them has nearly lost its popularity. But you can use it in Oxylabs for the authentication process.

2. IP Authentication

The IP addresses proxy services that Oxylabs provides get termed as IP whitelisting. So, when you get your IP address registered in the IP Manager section of the dashboard, no username and password get requested when any request gets raised through the same. 

Customer Support

No matter how beautifully a product gets designed, the consumers might end up having some queries before initiating a purchase. So, it is the responsibility of the team to tackle them. And it will be more intriguing if the matter gets resolved in real-time. But Oxylabs still believe in using Email communication to connect with their audience. 

Also, if you wish to try out their free version, it does not happen automatically. You need to fill out a contact form, which makes the entire procedure a little slow. Nevertheless, Oxylabs make sure to reach out to its customers as soon as they receive the Email.

Downside Of Oxylabs

By far, it seems like the best proxy server you were looking for a long time now, but undoubtedly it has some drawbacks, which might impact the way you perceive the advantages of this tool till now.

1. Oxylabs is Pricey

Residential proxy servers are usually expensive because of their large data centers. And Oxylabs, from its onset, got developed as one of the premium proxy service providers making it more costly. Hence, this is a significant reason why the users do not prefer Oxylabs in the first place. If the pricing plans would have been more flexible, the tool can become compatible with small business owners.

Nevertheless, Oxylabs has a wide range of pricing plans for its customers. It extends from Basic, Pro, Enterprise, and Corporate. But if we look at their basic pricing scheme, which is by far the smallest one, it costs around $600 for a subscription. And it provides a 50GB limited bandwidth, and its consumption will make you spend more to continue with the services.

2. Interpretation Through Email Only

Many proxy service providers have made sure that they must effectively connect with their customers in real-time without any delay or without giving them a chance to leave. But Oxylabs is still stuck with the same old practice of interacting through Emails. There is no live chat support.

Nonetheless, they have an immense FAQ page that helps the audience to connect with the team. Also, they reply to emails as fast as possible.

Do They Offer A Free Trial? And What About The Refund Policy?


Today almost all the software offers a free trial, like why not? After all, they help build trust among the audience as they must give it a shot before actually initiating a purchase. But it isn’t the case in a proxy market. The server software that stands out already has a good network of users to prove why they are best among other tools. 

But apart from being on top, Oxylabs provides a free trial to its users to help them believe what they see on their website. Oxylabs offers a 07 days free trial and a 07 days money-back policy as well.

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Do We Recommend Oxylabs To Our Readers?

Yes, we do! The article was full of information regarding the most-hyped proxy service provider Oxylabs, starting from the group of technicals who derived its features, limitations, and pricing. And we believe you must have made up your mind by now. But still, if you want our suggestions, we believe there can be no better software than Oxylabs to get intrigued in data extraction and protection of your system identity from the wild internet.

We also understand that the pricing plans are more on the higher side, but should you compromise with the protection of your secured data? Well, that is a matter of choice. But, Oxylabs acquires over 100 million+ residential IP addresses, which makes the rotation more flexible and prevents captchas and IP blocking.

We hope the Oxylabs review for 2021 helped you dig out more information about the working, features, drawbacks, and pricing of the proxy server. And we believe we have provided you all the meaningful details, which you must consider before initiating a purchase. But still, if you have any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us through your words. Please leave a comment down below before leaving because we love to hear from you!


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