Kinsta Review – Is it the Top-Notch WordPress Hosting Expert?

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Hosting is one of the most essential elements of any website. No matter how well-designed your website is, or how it is stuffed with great content, having an unreliable host won’t make it any good.In recent times, managed WordPress hosting has become one of the best suited website hosting services for WordPress sites.

Let’s check out some major attributes of Kinsta and what to expect from it.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

The Managed WordPress hosting is known to be the best hosting service crafted for WordPress sites. Every element of the server is handled by the provider and is designed according to WordPress’s specific needs. Some of the technical options may be the server storage space, server loading time, server updates and the security.

The main advantages of any managed WP hosting are:

  • Execution: When the user configures the server for WordPress, there are few factors that are really important like website speed, response time, up-time. Websites that are hosted on a managed platform are usually faster compared to the shared plans.
  • Simple Usage: Their service providers of the managed hosting are responsible for the technical portion of your site which ensures saving your time, hassle free and efficient working system. 

Disadvantages of the managed WP hosting,

  • Pricing: Managed WP hosting is costlier than entry-level shared web hosting.
  • Being WordPress Specific: While you can run any PHP-based code on those servers, you will often be more limited than with a VPS plan or dedicated server as this type of hosting is specifically made for hosting WP websites.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a popular WordPress hosting corporation for those uncompromising on their site performance. High-performance business for any traffic size can be achieved on the Google Cloud platform using the cloud based hosting solutions.

Mark Gevalda, a renowned WordPress developer founded Kinsta in 2013 and has its headquarters located in the United Kingdom. It is a relatively new player in the managed hosting market.

Kinsta is said to be among one of the several WordPress hosts that was introduced in the market with some of the ultimate features that promise to resolve the common challenges faced by many website owners like high load time, peak traffic and sudden traffic surges.


How does Kinsta WP Hosting Work?

The Google Cloud platform is used by Kinsta to host WordPress websites. To ensure fast and secure data transport, minimize distance and hops, Google has 24 data centers globally that have its infrastructure designed according to the requirement. Cloud hosting is used mainly for its high speed, rapid deployment of computing resources, higher execution and reliability.

While using a VPS or any dedicated server, your site rests on a single server and if suddenly there is a downtime or any mishap with the server, then your website will be down until some resolution is done. Thankfully,  your site will be assigned an alternate server if such eventuality occurs on the cloud hosting. 

 Getting Started  

 Once your register to Kinsta, you may have the option to perform any of the actions below,

  1. Migrate your current website to another.
  2. Start with a completely fresh new site.

If you plan to migrate from your current site to a new one then, you are required to click on “Request a Migration” and complete the information about your web hosting. Once done, you will be redirected for further site procedures.

Alternatively, if you wish to set up a new site then you can navigate to the User Panel–>Sites–>Add Site. The software will then take you through some questionnaire post which you will be able to execute your new web hosting.

 Kinsta : Features 

  • Easy to Use

After the account is created, you can then start setting up your site. The process is extremely simple and easy. That is all required for you to host a blog, agency/freelancer website, or an e-commerce store. For a starter plan, you may avail,

  • 1 WordPress installation
  • 20,000 visits/month
  • 10 GB storage
  • Free SSL & CDN set

There are 24 data centers available globally and you can from these.You may choose the closest data center to provide faster loading time to your visitors. And, each of your sites can use a different data center. 

Kinsta allows you to also configure WooCommerce and Yoast SEO while creating your site. It allows a hassle-free and smooth set up process after which you can log in to your WordPress dashboard and add data to your site. It is easy to analyze your site bandwidth and the site performance along with adjusting your settings according to your preference. And all this can be done from your WordPress dashboard. 

If you are a website owner and wish to migrate to Kinsta, then the process won’t be at all complex as Kinsta will take care of the migration for you, free of charge.  

  • Performance and Speed

For any site created, its response time and speed of the site proves to be a very important factor. People do not like to wait for long for the site to load and it will be much better if your site loads faster and gives a great forest sight user experience.

Sites having the lowest loading time are supported by Google, thereby resulting in a better rank on popular search engines. Kinsta’s service uses some of the ultimate technologies like LXD software containers, PHP 7.3, Nginx, and MariaDB for website speed.

Kinsta supports the latest PHP 5.6, 7, and 7.3, which supports switching between  different PHP versions with a null downtime and unnecessary server migration. Irrespective of any package chosen, all users are provided with A CDN (Content Delivery Network). 

For any site, there can be sudden unpredictable traffic disruptions like for instance sudden fluctuations from social media or continuous relaying. But, because of Kinsta’s excellent uptime, load time, and scalable architecture, the site is restored quickly. 

  • Security Features

Kinsta offers a safe and simple environment for users as well as any company. All plans come with a SSL certificate per site, for free. This is a very important element recently, that Google tops HTTPS compliant websites when search engine rankings are concerned. That means, Kinsta provides another secured layer to all its users and visitors. 

Kinsta includes some more tools such as hardware firewalls, uptime monitor,DDoS detection, and an expert email or live chat support team who are available 24/7 thus providing active and passive measures to stop attacks and other security issues.

Kinsta allows users to maintain daily backups and  system-generated backups for the sites available on your account. The MyKinsta dashboard includes all your manual backups and other site related backups.

Backups are an important point of a website’s general security, as they allow you to restore your site and its settings as they were before any problem occurred, so it is vital to make the settings properly according to your needs.

  • Control Panel 

Unlike the popular cPanel control panel, Kinsta provides its self designed dashboard created for smooth user experience. The dashboard look and feel is similar to WordPress as it comprises the specifications of WordPress site and applications. All the major elements of your hosting plan can be managed in a simple and easy way and from the same place. The same has been followed suit by other competitors as well, including WP Engine and Cloudways.

As Kinsta provides SSH and FTP accounts on all plans, it gives easy access to your site, runs GIT tools, installs some more softwares on your servers, and performs quick editing using text editors. For users to test their code, all plans come with a staging area.

More Features List

Kinsta grants several other features to ensure your site loads quickly and operate in a safe environment. All the available plans comprise similar performance and security features so even the basic plan provides great results. Here are Kinsta’s complete features based on the basic plan, 

  • Supports multiple site with automatic and manual backups 
  • Free site migration alongwith 1 free premium migration from different host
  • Google Cloud Platform with 24 data centers globally
  • Data maintenance for 14 days
  • 24/7 customer support and 30 day money back policy
  • Includes staging area for site development and testing
  • Multiple user landscape
  • Malware and hack elimination
  • SSH and FTP access with PHP 7.3 support
  • SSL and imported SSL certificates comes with zero price
  • Cache plugins are white labelled
  • There can be 2 PHP workers available per site

Pricing Plans

Kinsta pricing plans are valued as per the number of monthly visitors supported by each of them and not as per the site traffic or bandwidth. Hence, you will be charged an amount of $1 more for every plus 1000 visitors, but the service won’t be hampered and thus will work normally.


Kinsta offers 10 types of plans. The load speed and safety elements remain the same for all the plans. The major difference can be the number of WP websites can be hosted with a single account, the available storage and number of monthly visits.

Below are the hosting plans offered by Kinsta, as well as their price per month:

  • Starter Plan: $30/month,1WP install, 25k visitors, 10 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Pro: $60/month, 2WP install, 50k visitors, 20 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Business 1: $100/month,5WP install, 100k visitors, 30 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Business 2: $200/month, 10WP install, 250k visitors, 40 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Business 3: $300/month,20WP install, 400k visitors, 50 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Business 4: $400/month, 40WP install, 600k visitors, 60 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Enterprise 1: $600/month,60WP install, 1000k visitors, 100 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Enterprise 2: $900/month,80WP install, 1500k visitors,150 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Enterprise 3: $1.200/month,120WP install, 2000k visitors,200 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN
  • Enterprise 4: $1.500/month,150WP install, 3000k visitors, 250 GB disk space,Free SSL& CDN

Payment can be done using all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) but does not accept PayPal payments.

Kinsta is a robust hosting provider offering numerous plans accommodating any website regardless of its popularity. Kinsta provides all user plans to share the identical hardware engine that provides best quality even for the basic plan.

 Kinsta’s Merits:

  • Great performance: Kinsta pages are the second-fastest loading which is good for both SEO and user experience. The powerful CDN, free SSL, and last-gen PHP are also some of the major attributes.
  • Solid Uptime: Kinsta runs virtually 100% of the time. If the rate drops below 99.9%, you can be eligible to get some money back. WP Engine guarantees 99.95% uptime in their service level agreement (SLA).
  • Support:  Highly experienced support team through only chat.
  • Server features and locations: There are 24 locations worldwide to choose from.
  • Ease of use: Kinsta’s straightforward navigation and a pleasant user experience in their hosting provider dashboard.
  • Team management: It accepts unlimited users and you can easily define permissions and roles, both at the company and site level.
  • Site backups:  You get 14 days of automatic backups on the lower plans. But, you need to move up to the Business 3 plan to get 20 days. Manual backups and cloud backups are also available that can be downloaded too.
  • Made for WordPress: The Kinsta architecture is optimized for the CMS, and you get useful resources on plugins and other WordPress-specific tools.

Kinsta’s Demerits:

  • Just WordPress: You cannot install any other CMS on a Kinsta server.
  • Many limits: There is no unlimited storage available, CDN, or monthly visits. You will be charged extra if you go beyond it.
  • Higher price: Kinsta is not one of the cheapest hosting providers. 


Kinsta’s main features are its extraordinary speed, customer service expertise, and 99.9% uptime on all available plans. Another appealing fact is that all plans include free CDN and SSL certificates, daily backups, and professional security measures.

Kinsta boasts a variety of features but if you’re looking for a top rated WordPress hosting, Kinsta hosting will for sure make you happy as the quality of their hosting is definitely worth the money.

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