Why Choose Wix as a Free Website Builder | An Honest Wix Review?

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Why Choose Wix as a Free Website Builder | An Honest Wix Review?

A website is inevitable when it comes to running any type of business, as that allows you to connect with potential customers on the numerous digital platforms available. However, most small businesses cannot afford the designing services of a Pro and if you run one such business then stick around. This Wix review is going to provide you enough information about this free website builder to help you build a fully functional, high-quality website for free. Wix is a free website builder that also offers certain premium features, but while your business is still flourishing, the freebies should suffice.

Plus, this drag and drop free website builder requires no coding and even its free versions offer a whole bunch of free resources that let you design a website in under ten minutes. To be doubly sure of its features, we used it to build a website and were flabbergasted at how little we had to do. Nonetheless, we must admit that you do need to be creative and know at least a wee bit about designing and matching up the right colors.


Is Wix a Free Website Builder?

Most people are skeptic about using Wix for their websites assuming that it is paid. As a matter of fact, Wix has a unique business model that puts it under the category of a free website builder. By making use of the freebies available, Wix doesn’t mind allowing small businesses to create a website for free.


Free Website Builder
Free Website Builder


So, yes, it is a free website builder that offers plenty of free resources such as free high-quality images, free SEO capabilities and more. That’s because Wix wants you to grow and then invest in its premium features. Plus, you don’t have to buy those immediately and can do so when the need arises.


A Round-up of Wix Templates

Did you know that over 60 percent of Google’s search queries come from mobile devices? Now you know what prompted Google to make algorithmic tweaks, often dubbed as the Mobile-first update.

That explains how critical it is for your business to have a responsive website. With Wix, there is little to worry about that, because all Wix websites are responsive. Plus, with over three hundred templates that are absolutely free, there is no dearth of suitable designs for any type of small business. More so, because all the templates are custom-designed, keeping industry-specific requirements in mind.

As a free website builder Wix focuses on catering to the needs of small businesses and no matter which one you are involved in, Wix has something in store for you. From Locksmiths to Realtors, there’s a well-designed Wix template available for every type of business. 




Plus, by using this free website builder’s drag and drop tool, you can customize every bit of the chosen template. Moreover, all Wix templates are extremely lightweight despite the stunning designs, which makes it perfect for SEO.


Why use this Free Website Builder?

Wix is a free website builder that comes packed with several in-built resources and functionalities, which minimizes the need to install third-party applications. Such applications are pieces of codes developed by third-party developers and can pose a security risk. Nonetheless, there are hundreds of them available on the Wix App Market. Applications in Wix are quite similar to plugins available on the WordPress platform and as in the case of all third-party extensions, these Wix applications could contain malicious code. An easy way to choose the most secure third-party applications is by looking at the number of active installations and the reviews. With that out of the way, let us now take a quick peep into the numerous functionalities of the free website builder.




Drag-and-Drop Social Links

To get consistent traffic to your website and to build a community, you need all the social media leverage that you can muster. Wix knows this and makes it a whole lot easier through its drag and drop social links, which lets you easily build a community by routing visitors to your social media pages.


Makes Managing Meta Content Easy

While designing a website, your goal is to reach out to people and the most effective way of doing that is through search engine optimization. To facilitate this, Wix offers you the option to easily insert meta tags and meta descriptions, without any additional applications. With billions of websites out there, ranking yours is not going to be any easier — not unless you make use of the right on-page SEO techniques such as entering metadata.




Quick Technical SEO

While on-page SEO is fairly under your control and you can do wonders with the right SEO advice, it isn’t the same when it comes to technical SEO. By using Wix, you can be sure that you are starting on the right foot because this free website builder’s lightweight templates and free tools decrease the page load speed, considerably. You can even compress the header manually and add drag and drop Heading tags. Plus, you sure want all the free traffic that you can have, coming straight from the search engines and that is only possible when your website’s technical SEO is bang-on!


How Secure is Wix?

With the rapid increase in cybercrime and regulations such as GDPR got introduced in the EU, you are probably wondering how safe is Wix. Well, you’d be surprised to know that all Wix websites run on the Security Socket Layer (SSL) which means all client to server communication and vice versa are encrypted. That eliminates the possibility of cybercriminals sniffing electronic packets besides enabling website owners to comply with cyber regulations — most of which require the use of SSL certificates. Additionally, Wix autosaves all your data and lets you retrieve it, at the click of a button. With the rapid increase in cybercrime, this is a welcome feature that can save the day if your website got attacked by cybercriminals.


Final Conclusion:

If we tried to highlight the best features of this free website builder, we may never be able to conclude about its awesomeness. So, we chose to hold our horses and get straight to the core essentials in this Wix review. In doing so, we have highlighted factors such as SEO, design and other sought-after functionalities. Before we wrap things up, here’s a word of caution! While you are free to install free Wix applications, installing too many of them could bring down your website’s speed by making it bulkier.  This is precisely what most WordPress users currently experience and if you are one of them, consider migrating to Wix. With the many in-built functionalities such as social media integrations, automatic backups, and responsiveness that this platform offers, you may never have to install a third-party application. 

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