Spreaker Review 2022 | The Best Podcast Hosting Platform?

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Are you looking for a podcast hosting platform that can make your podcast creation, distribution, and monetization process much easier than before?

Well, here’s a Spreaker review to help you decide if it’s the right platform for you.

Whether you’re just starting a podcast or have already recorded a few episodes, you’ll need a podcast hosting platform at some point in your journey.

The podcast hosting platform is like a home for all your podcasts. It is a hosting service, similar to how you would need a website hosting service to store all of your website files, provides the same service but for your podcast’s media files.

The best podcast hosting platforms come with additional features that make your podcast creation and publishing process easier on web and mobile platform. Some platforms like Spreaker also make the monetization process much easier for beginners. 

In this in-depth Spreaker review, we will be sharing our experience with Spreaker, and you can decide whether it is the right podcast hosting platform or not. 

Following are the points we will go through:

  • What Is Spreaker?
  • How Does It Work?
  • What Are Its Features? 
  • Spreaker Pricing Plans
  • Spreaker Pros & Cons

Without wasting any time, let’s dive into the Spreaker review!

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What Is Spreaker?


Spreaker Studio is a podcast hosting platform with adequate features and a user-friendly interface for all levels of podcaster, from beginner to experienced. It was founded in 2010 by CEO Francesco Baschieri, Rocco Zanni, and Marco Pracucci.

You can use Spreaker to create podcasts, distribute them, and grow your podcast. It also finds sponsors and advertisements, so you don’t have to. You can even work full-time with the monetization tools provided by Spreaker.

Out of all the best podcast hosting platforms available, audio creators worldwide, especially in the United States, are using Spreaker as a host platform. And it also has received many positive Spreaker review and feedback from newbie and experienced podcasters.

Now that we know Spreaker, it’s time to understand how it works!

How Does Spreaker Work?

Whether you want to start a podcast, already have a few podcasts, or have a massive catalog, Spreaker can be the new home for your podcasts. Spreaker has plans for all beginners, podcasters, and publishers if you want to migrate to a better hosting platform.

To start with Spreaker, you must sign up for a plan per your requirement.


You can choose to sign up Using Google or Facebook. You can also fill in all the details manually. Once you have filled in all the details and agreed to the terms and conditions, click on the Sign-up button.


After signing up, you will get this welcome aboard message and two options: Podcast listening and Podcast Creation. Click on Podcast creation.

After clicking on Podcast creation, you will get a Dashboard tour to understand all the features and workings.


With this dashboard tour, anyone can start with creating and posting podcasts on Spreaker.

You can upload files with audio recordings in the following formats: mp3 mp4 asf FLAC including 3gp, aac, amr, ogg, ra, wav, and wma files. Each recorded file upload is limited to 300MB.

Spreaker also offers the option to live podcast recording and many excellent tools to make the podcast creation seamless. Let’s see all its essential features!

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Speaker Review | Best Features:

Spreaker is one of the best podcast hosting platforms for publishers and distributors to manage podcasts, promote content with ads, connect inventory to DSPs, and track ad campaigns. Spreaker’s key features include podcast hosting solutions like programmatic monetization, self-podcast advertising tools, and detailed statistics. Let’s go through all the critical characteristics in this Spreaker review!

Intuitive And Seamless User Interface:


Getting started with any new platform can be overwhelming when there are a lot of tools and functionalities, but that’s not the case with Speaker. Learning and using Spreaker is easy due to its well-designed and well-organized website. One of the best features of this platform is its simple and clean user interface, which makes managing your audio storage a breeze.

Spreaker allows podcasters to manage their account on most browsers. It not only allows you to store the podcast but also lets you live podcast recording with just a click using the Spreaker Studio app. Additionally, Spreaker is available for web and mobile platform, making it seamless to switch between working on different devices.

Spreaker Studio App For Web And Mobile Platform:


To start, you can do live podcast recording seamlessly with the in-built audio recorder. With just a click of a button, you can record and save any progress of episodes. The audio output is also better due to built-in features like auto-ducking and mic controls. 

You can efficiently work from your smartphone, iPad Pro, or any other device. The Spreaker Studio desktop app is compatible with Windows 7+ and OSX 10.9+. There is also a Spreaker Studio app available for Android and iOS users.

If you are someone looking for an app that lets you record podcasts directly from the platform, Spreaker studio is the perfect tool for you. And as mentioned above, Spreaker allows live podcast recording. The ability to go live and chat during the broadcasting is on another level in terms of engagement. It is one of the best ways to connect with listeners.

Easy-To-Use Editing Tools:

The app also offers easy and effective editing tools. The creator can effortlessly edit podcasts on the go with the super-intuitive user interface. Spreaker Studio app also has a feature to trim and crop recordings directly in the app. 

This feature works for uploaded files or migrating old content to be edited into new episodes. Remember that the features you have access to will depend on the plan you selected.

Share Podcasts To Various Other Platforms With Just A Click:


Spreaker allows you to distribute your podcast episodes to Apple Podcasts, the Google Play Store, Deezer, and other significant sites and its listening platform. And it’s all done with a single click!

This is fantastic because you want your podcast episodes to be accessible to your target audience wherever they are. People will be able to find you no matter which platform they use.

More Than Just A Podcast Hosting Platform:

In addition to being a podcast hosting platform, it is also a podcast listening platform. Therefore, if you create podcasts and publish an episode to Spreaker, it becomes immediately accessible on the listening site.

Similar to SoundCloud, Spreaker is a listening service. It enables users to stream and share their favorite shows across various devices.

Perhaps more people use Spotify and other websites than the music streaming service. You may still increase your audience with this podcasting platform, though.

Seamless Migration To Spreaker:

For many new podcasters, Spreaker is their first site for hosting podcasts. However, because Spreaker offers more storage space and because they like its capabilities, many veterans utilize it.

Fortunately, you can effortlessly migrate your podcast from another podcast host utilizing the Spreaker RSS Feed Importer. You may find simple steps on its website that will help you quickly set up your podcast on Spreaker.

Access To Insightful Analytics:

Monitoring your analytics is essential for gauging your success and outperforming the competition. But there is a lot of information, which can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, Spreaker makes it easy to track your podcast metrics and presents information.

Everything from preferences to demographics is available on the website. You can be sure that you are getting the most precise data possible because the statistics are also certified by IAB Tech Lab.

Sharing On Social Media:


Spreaker improves your discoverability through its listening platform. The website generates carefully curated lists that advertise your podcast. It also aids in spreading the word on social networking sites. 

New episodes can be shared directly on Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms. People will tune in, stay engaged, and may even leave a review.

Flexible Monetization Options:

Spreaker allows everyone to earn money from their podcast. After review, we can safely say that it gives you freedom over what ads show on your podcast episodes. And you can use its content management system to select pre, mid, and post-rolls.

Customer Support:

Customer service plays a significant role in making the overall experience with the software satisfactory. And Spreaker has one of the best customer services among the other top podcast hosting platforms. A troubleshooting page on the website inspects any problems or queries. There is also a search option that you can use to search for answers.

A Spreaker review mentioned that the option to connect with customer service is only by email, which might seem limited. Still, even via mail, the Spreaker customer team solved the problem, and the customer was delighted with the service.

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Spreaker Pricing Plans:


Spreaker offers two kinds of plans: 1. Free And 2. Pro. Free and pro users can create multiple podcasts within the same account and distribute them efficiently with just one click. 

But keep in mind that only with pro plans do you have the ability to earn money with programmatic monetization, and you would have the chance to customize your RSS feed!

Following is the proper breakdown of all the plans and features:


  • 5 hours of overall audio storage space, 
  • 15-minute limit per live broadcast session, 
  • Ten episodes limit for the whole account, 
  • and basic stats (download count, daily listeners).

On-Air Talent- $8/month

  • 100 hours of overall audio storage space, 
  • 45-minute limit per live broadcast session, 
  • unlimited episodes, 
  • monetization tool, 
  • and basic stats (download count, daily listeners).

Broadcaster: $20/month

  • 500 hours of overall audio storage space, 
  • 3-hour limit per live broadcast session, 
  • unlimited episodes, 
  • monetization tool, 
  • limited access to podcasts and RSS feeds, 
  • basic embedded player customization, 
  • advanced stats (download count, daily listeners, listening sources, listeners’ geolocation, episode likes, followers trend).

Anchorman: $50/month

  • 1500 hours of overall audio storage space, 
  • 5-hour limit per live broadcast session, 
  • unlimited episodes, monetization tool, 
  • limited access to podcasts and RSS feeds, 
  • advanced embedded player customization, 
  • full stats (download count, daily listeners, listening sources, listeners’ geolocation, episode likes, followers trend, devices, episode evolution).

Publisher: $120/month

  • Unlimited audio storage space and unlimited episodes, 
  • unlimited live broadcast sessions, 
  • collaborators feature, 
  • monetization tool + Campaign Manager to traffic your ads, limited access to podcasts and RSS feeds, advanced embedded player customization, 
  • full stats (download count, daily listeners, listening sources, listeners’ geolocation, episode likes, followers trend, devices, episode evolution).

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Spreaker Review | Pros And Cons:


  • Simple to use and clean Interface 
  • Offers a free package with all necessary features.
  • New episodes can be pre-recorded or watched live on the platform.
  • It helps you increase your online discoverability.
  • Switching from another podcast host to the Spreaker platform is simple.
  • Simple-to-use analytics software
  • The prices are reasonable in comparison to other platforms.


  • Spreaker does not support video. To support more codecs and file formats, Spreaker is currently working on it.
  • Email is the only way to get in touch with them.

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The Verdict | Spreaker Review 2022

The best podcast hosting service must be dependable and have a few essential features, and Spreaker fulfills all of those requirements and more.

Our Spreaker review taught us that Spreaker is among the best options available. All the resources you need to manage your podcasts are on the website.

The fact that this podcasting software has a free version is the best part! It is an adequate reason in itself for you to visit the website. You can always upgrade at a later time through the company’s website if you find that you need more sophisticated features.

You can quickly learn how to host a podcast by using Spreaker for your podcast right now.

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