ResellerClub Review 2021: The Best Reseller Hosting Service For Your Website

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ResellerClub review 2021

The concept of hosting serves as an influential factor in making a website stand out of the league. Nowadays, online businesses have to make sure whether they are using an efficient hosting service or not. Well, there are various types of web hosting service exist. However, you should choose one that goes with your business aspects wholly. 

Reseller and shared web hosting have become quite famous these days amongst webmasters. Many times people get confused between them. However, both are a bit different from each other. 

In reseller hosting, the user can use his or her allocated hard drive bandwidth for hosting websites in place of third parties. The reseller hosting provider buys various hosting services in wholesale and then sells them to businesses, webmasters, and entrepreneurs. 

However, in the case of shared web hosting, the hosting plan can only get used by a single user. Accordingly, only one owner can control the cPanel provided for all domains. 

There is n number of platforms available in the market that provides services regarding shared and reseller hosting separately. But, only a few of them cater to the audience together with both kinds of web hosting. And ResellerClub is one of them. 


Simplify Your Web Hosting With ResellerClub’s Reseller Hosting-


What Is ResellerClub?

ResellerClub is one of the best reseller hosting services in the present times. They basically work as a wholesale provider of web hosting and domains. Besides, they also work for dedicated hosting, email hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, and WordPress hosting. 

After analyzing the impact of ResellerClub on my business, I have decided to write a review post for it. In this ResellerClub review, I’m going to share in-depth details of it, including pricing, features, advantages, and a lot more with you guys. 

So, let’s go!


Top Functionalities Of ResellerClub:

  1. Reseller hosting.
  2. Shared hosting.
  3. Dedicated hosting.
  4. Cloud hosting.
  5. Email hosting.
  6. WordPress hosting.


1. Reseller Hosting-


It is one of the main features of this excellent platform. Resellerclub’s reseller hosting function is unbeatable. As, it makes your web hosting endeavors simplistic to the T. By using it, you can kickstart your hosting business in a much more affordable way. Resellerclub’s reseller hosting shapes your business aspects with the low price, more space, low maintenance, and more sales generation. 


2. Shared hosting-


If you are looking for an unmatched shared hosting service for your enterprise, then Resellerclub might be your perfect destination. Resellerclub’s shared hosting has become famous among businesses these days. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, their shared hosting service is quite affordable. Besides, the maintenance aspects of their web hosting server get discounted amongst all the users. Due to all this, it becomes more accessible for webmasters and businesspeople to handle different business facets. 


3. Dedicated Hosting-


No doubt, dedicated hosting is more costly in comparison to shared and reseller hosting. However, the benefits that come with dedicated hosting for your online business somewhat compensate for all your hard-earned money. By using Resellerclub’s dedicated hosting, you can get control over the complete dedicated server. Moreover, the Resellerclub also promises to provide you dedicated hosting with 99.99% uptime. In addition, you will also get access to an intuitive dashboard to manage your dedicated server setup.


4. Cloud hosting-


Without a doubt, cloud hosting is trending nowadays amongst professionals of almost all business industries. As we know, cloud computing is nothing but the procurement of computer resources through the internet. Or, you can say that it is an Infrastructure as a service cloud model that caters to users with a complete suite of virtual services. With the help of Resellerclub’s cloud computing services, you can take benefit of free data migration, resource monitoring, highly secured measures, and much more. 


5. Email hosting-


Email hosting is a type of web hosting service that functions email servers. According to email hosting, you can access premium email ids for your business in contrast to free or advertisement-supported webmails. In accordance with email hosting services of Resellerclub, you can get the benefits like Email IDs like, Mobile Sync, Advanced Calendar, Sleek OX7 Webmail, Auto-responders, and a lot more.


6. WordPress hosting-


WordPress is, by far, the best Content Management System in the world. Nowadays, businesses give priority to WordPress for creating their websites. And, why not, because it provides seamless integrations with powerful content management tools. By using Resellerclub- the best reseller hosting platform, you can get pre-installed WordPress, automatic updates, integrated catching & CDN, automated cloud backups, and much more. 


How To Create An Account On ResellerClub?

To become a member of  ResellerClub community, you have to visit here. And, follow the given milestones-

1: First, enter your valid email address. 

2: Next, you have to give a password. 

3: Lastly, you have to confirm that password, and hit the “Continue” button given below. 


Signup Now To Become A Reseller!


About ResellerClub Pricing Insights:

The pricing model of ResellerClub is different according to different hosting services. Like, for reseller hosting, the prices are different, and for WordPress hosting prices are distinct. Let’s look at each of them individually-


Reseller Hosting pricing-


In the case of reseller hosting, the pricing plans of ResellerClub is as follows-

R1, R2, R3, and R4.

  • R1- 3 Years @ ₹770 /month.
  • R2- 3 Years @ ₹995 /month.
  • R3- 3 Years @ ₹1140 /month.
  • R4- 3 Years @ ₹1730 /month.

Amongst all the four categories, R3 is the most popular reseller hosting plan of ResellerClub. 


Shared hosting pricing-


Under the shared hosting, the pricing model of ResellerClub is as follows- 

Personal, Business, And Professional.

  • Personal- 3 Years @ ₹160 /month.
  • Business- 3 Years @ ₹250 /month.
  • Pro- 3 Years @ ₹295 /month.

Amongst all the three shared hosting plans, the business model one is the most popular. 


Dedicated hosting pricing-


According to the dedicated hosting, the pricing plans of Resellerclub are as follows-

Standard, Business, Pro, and Elite.

  • Standard- 3 Years @ ₹4000 /month.
  • Business- 3 Years @ ₹4500 /month.
  • Pro- 3 Years @ ₹5000 /month.
  • Elite- 3 Years @ ₹5500 /month.


Cloud hosting pricing-


The pricing plans of ResellerClub’s cloud hosting is put into the following categories-

Personal, Business, and Professional.

  • Personal- 1 Year @ ₹410 /month.
  • Business- 1 Year @ ₹525 /month.
  • Pro- 1 Year @ ₹750 /month.


Email hosting pricing-


Email hosting pricing of ResellerClub is dependent on the number of email accounts and the duration of availability to you of those business email ids. Accordingly, you can choose an appropriate pricing plan for you-

  • 1 Month @ ₹30/acc/month.
  • 3 Month @ ₹30/acc/month.
  • 6 Month @ ₹30/acc/month.
  • 12 Month @ ₹20/acc/month.


WordPress hosting pricing-


The WordPress hosting pricing structure of ResellerClub is as follows-

Starter, Performance, Business, and Professional.

  • Starter- 3 Years @ ₹150 /month.
  • Performance- 3 Years @ ₹180 /month.
  • Business- 3 Years @ ₹245 /month.
  • Professional- 3 Years @ ₹310 /month.


Benefits Of Using ResellerClub For Your Business-

  1. Affordable hosting services. As a result, easy to purchase hosting plans. 
  2. Free ResellerClub WHMCS aspects. Moreover, access advanced traits of Web Host Manager Complete Solution.
  3. Trustworthy money-back guarantee. Consequently,buy your desirable pricing plan without any worry.
  4. Unlimited website hosting. Resultantly, get required hard drive space right away. 
  5. Complete range of reseller programs. Accordingly, you can buy vast range of best reseller hosting plans for your business. 


Over To You-

The most high-grade reseller hosting attributes can undoubtedly make and break your hosting business. That’s why you should select the best of the slot. And, ResellerClub- the best reseller hosting platform is one for you. Besides its reseller hosting capabilities, it provides so much to its users. From shared web hosting to WordPress hosting, ResellerClub has a plethora of top-notch characteristics to offer. 

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and give it a try! Considering all the details given in the ResellerClub review post above, I can say that it’s worth a try. Go and get it right now!


Do you want to add something more in the above ResellerClub review post? If yes, then don’t shy away from sharing your opinions about this ResellerClub review in the comment section below!

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