Namecheap Review Post 2021: The Best Shared Hosting Service For Your Website

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Back in the days, people made use of pamphlets and business cards to introduce their services and products. However, now, the tables have turned. How? Because, nowadays, we can carry our whole business ecosystem with us in the form of a website.

The very first domain was created in the year 1991. At that time, no one had ever thought of the fact that the concept of the website will become so popular. Due to which, after many years, each and every business will want to go for its dedicated website.

Although, currently, there are almost 1.94 billion websites present in the world. So, you can say that the competition in the website world is already boiling. Your website needs to be perfect in every department, including the speed, hosting, design, user-friendly interface, and much more.

Hosting is one of the most critical attributes of your website. Without a proper web hosting service, your website cannot work seamlessly. That’s why you need the best web hosting provider for your website.

There is n number of web hosting services available in the world. But, the best I have come across is Namecheap.

What Is Namecheap?

Namecheap is a leading shared hosting provider and domain name registration platform for websites. It is the best shared hosting for WordPress.

Why Choose Namecheap Over Others?

Many features make Namecheap a superior web hosting provider in comparison to others. Like, it makes sure to provide 100% uptime speed throughout. Besides, Namecheap 24×7 advanced customer support also makes it out of the league. Besides, all this also makes it the best shared hosting for WordPress.

In this Namecheap review post, you will get to know each and every functionality of it thoroughly. So, let’s first get started with the top features of Namecheap.

Namecheap Review 2021: 

These are some of the top features you get by using Namecheap for your website-


  1. Advanced Domain Name System.
  2. Get Access To Free SSL Certificate.
  3. Unstoppable 24×7 Customer Support.
  4. Very Affordable Hosting Plans.
  5. Simple To Use cPanel.
  6. 100% Uptime Guarantee.
  7. Free Hosting Migration.
  8. Seamless App Integrations.
  9. Extremely Fast And Reliable.
  10. Versatility In Pricing Aspects.

Advanced Domain Name System- 

The DNS system works as a backbone for your website. Without a doubt, it should be of an advanced level. Otherwise, it can profoundly damage the working of your website. Namecheap offers the premium DNS system for websites. Following it, you can get everlasting benefits.

Get Access To Free SSL Certificate- 

You should know that the addition of SSL certificates also sometimes cost a hefty sum of money. But, in the case of Namecheap, you get free installation of SSL certificate in all addon domains, new domains, and subdomains.

Unstoppable 24×7 Customer Support- 

It is one of the most prominent features of Namecheap. That comes with its 24×7 customer support availability. Impeccable customer support works like a huge relief whenever you face any difficulty while hosting your website.

Very Affordable Hosting Plans-

As we all know, the Namecheap hosting plans come with raised security. Besides, it’s quite affordable too. In comparison to other hosting platforms, here, you can save tons of money by using their affordable yet secure web hosting services.

Simple To Use cPanel-

I’m sure you know about the importance of cPanel as far as the smooth functioning of your website matters. cPanel is nothing but the control panel from where you manage your website throughout. With Namecheap, you get access to easy to manage cPanel. As, sometimes, cPanel can be a bit overwhelming for starters. But, that really is not the case with this platform.

100% Uptime Guarantee- 

The better your website uptime will be, the better time your visitors can experience while using your site. Uptime is simply the amount of time for which your website remains in an operational state. Namecheap offers 99.99% approx 100% monthly uptime guarantee to its users. That’s commendable! Also, you can claim to them if you ever face any downtime issues on your website. Following this, you will get the service cycle extension for the whole downtime period.

Free Hosting Migration-

I can understand how it feels to use a poor hosting service. Are you dealing with the same? If yes, then Namecheap can save you from it. How? Because, it offers free hosting migration service. By using it, you can get migration from your present hosting provider and shift your website to Namecheap.

Seamless App Integrations-

Unlike the other web-hosting providers, Namecheap provides integration with several applications. Following it, you can create your website by saving a considerable amount of time. Here, you can find integration with apps like Canvas, Logo Maker, and more.

Extremely Fast And Reliable-

Namecheap is a web hosting provider and domain name registration landscape that makes use of the CloudLinux operating system. Due to this, its shared hosting services become remarkably fast and highly reliable.

Versatility In Pricing Aspects-

A number of website owners become forced to choose mediocre level hosting services because of the hefty and limited pricing plans of standard companies. However, with Namecheap, you get access to a variety of pricing plans. That, of course, quite affordable for beginners.

How To Sign Up For A Namecheap Account?

So, Are you ready to Sign up for a Namecheap account? If yes, then here you go!

Step 1: To get started with the Namecheap Sign up process, click here. Or, you can directly click at the upper left “Sign up” option of the website.


Step 2: After this, you will come across a form that asks you for your username, password, email address, and all. Make sure to add all these data with awareness. So, you would not have to face any Sign in issues in the future.


Step 3: Next up, after filling all the demanded details, you have to hit on the “Create Account and Continue” button to proceed further. Afterward, you will receive a welcome email from Namecheap.

Professional Tip – I like to advise you to go thoroughly with the “Terms of Service” section of the Signup process. So, you know each and everything about the Namecheap protocols and rules.

Namecheap Pricing Insights: 


1. Shared Hosting Pricing Plans-

Namecheap works under following three pricing plans for hosting services-

  • Stellar.
  • Stellar Plus.
  • Stellar Business.

Stellar is the hosting plan for starters and its cheapest amongst the three. It only costs $1.44/month. According to this Namecheap pricing, you will get-

  • 20 GB SSD
  • 3 Websites

For the renewal of this plan, you will have to pay $33.88/year.

In accordance with the Stellar plus shared hosting plan of Namecheap pricing, you have to invest $2.44/month. It will give you the following benefits-

  • Unmetered SSD
  • Unlimited Websites
  • AutoBackup

This plan gets renewed at $57.88/year.

Lastly, the Stellar business plan of the Namecheap pricing ecosystem will cost you $4.44/month. By which, you will access the following features-

  • 50 GB SSD
  • Unlimited Websites
  • AutoBackup & Cloud Storage

This plan renews at $104.88/year.

2. Namecheap Pricing For Domains-


As you can see, in Namecheap, there are varieties of domain extension present, you can register your website for anyone of these. There pricing is different as well as their renewal, transfer, and registration cost.

Click here to know more about Namecheap pricing regarding different domains.

Final Words:

Taking all the aspects of this Namecheap review into consideration, I will definitely want to recommend Namecheap to all of you who want a perfect web hosting provider. However, besides the hosting services, you can also register your website to the best domain name by using this platform. The free SSL certification and well-occupied cPanel access can really strengthen your website performance. You can also say that Namecheap provides the best shared hosting for WordPress.

So, go and buy your shared hosting plan on Namecheap now!

Have something more to say concerning this Namecheap review post? If yes, then feel free to share your thoughts on the above Namecheap review with us in the comment section below.

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