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If you want your business to reach the next level, then you need to make use of the right technologies to power it up. So, start by choosing a web hosting service provider that allows you the flexibility to grow and expand your horizons. One of the best web hosting service providers that offer several cheap web hosting plans and convenient integration is Inmotion Hosting. Let us now explore the various features that make Inmotion the best web hosting service provider for online businesses. We shall now dig into everything from domain to security features, and everything in between.

Free Domain Name

If you haven’t yet registered a domain name for your start-up then here’s a reason to smile. Inmotion hosting offers a free domain with all of its hosting plans — even the cheap web hosting plans that cost under $10. So, all you pay for is the hosting plan, which helps you reduce your costs during the initial setup. In case you already have a domain name, then you could book another one with a different extension. After all, even the most basic Inmotion web hosting plan lets you host a minimum of 2 websites. This is something you cannot expect from other mainstream web hosting service providers.

Free Migration

Not many web hosting service providers offer you this but Inmotion allows free migration of your website from your existing web hosting to Inmotion.  You can easily transfer up to 3 cPanel databases or websites, absolutely free of cost. For additional items, you would be charged $10 which is fantastic for small businesses. Also, the process of migrating your website and databases is pretty straightforward but you may have to wait. If you do not wish to wait, you may choose Inmotion web hosting’s priority service. You must know those other service providers like Bluehost charge $149.99 for website migration.

To transfer your existing website to Inmotion, follow the below mentioned steps:

  •       Log into Account Management Panel (AMP) with your email ID.
  •       Scroll down to the hosting plan section.
  •       Navigate to the ‘Website Transfer Request’ option and click on it.
  •   Enter the relevant information and confirm the details.

Data Center

As a small business owner, you may not be very concerned about the location of the data center, the place where the server hosting your website is located. Especially, if you are on a shared web hosting plan because then your business is probably at its nascent stages. However, you need to focus on this aspect of your website, as the data center hosting your site can directly impact its speed. The present-day customer does not have the time or patience to wait for long, besides slow page loading also affects your SEO.

Moreover, any damage to the data center due to natural calamities or other disasters can take down your website for a long time. So, you need to find a web hosting service provider whose data centers are strategically located to mitigate such risks. Inmotion Hosting owns and manages its servers located in Los Angeles and Ashburn, which are strategically planned to mitigate such risks. Also, all Inmotion data centers are PCI compliant, so if you wish to accept payments through your website, then you can do so without any security concerns.

Inmotion’s Cheap Web Hosting Plans

As a small business owner, there are times when you are short on funds and that’s precisely when you would be looking for cheap web hosting plans. During such times, Inmotion’s shared web hosting plans can be of great use as these plans deliver more for less. Even the most basic cheap web hosting plans from Inmotion lets you host a minimum of 2 websites, offers free SSL certificate, free security suite, free backups and more.

Most importantly, these cheap web hosting plans cost between $6.39 and $14.71 per month for a 2-year subscription. Although at first, that may not seem like the cheapest option, it eventually does.  The bundled freebies offered by Inmotion are well-thought utilities that add enough value to make the deal much more cost-effective.

You may have heard of cheaper web hosting plans offered by other service providers, but those reduced rates are only applicable in case of long-term subscriptions. Plus, other web hosting service providers require you to pay additional costs for a domain name, SSL certificate, website migration, etc… which are absolutely free for all Inmotion plan subscribers. Also, you get a 90-day money-back period from Inmotion, which proves their high retention rate.

Inmotion’s Best WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress currently runs 20 percent of all websites and that’s a huge market share. Despite many other open-source content management systems (CMS) like Wix, Joomla, Drupal, etc… WordPress continues to dominate the market solely due to its ease of use. As it evolved from a blogging platform into a full-fledged CMS, WordPress is easy to use and allows you to manage your website without a designer. That makes it an absolutely perfect choice for small businesses that cannot afford technical assistance.

As a small business, you have one more option — to choose a reliable designing service provider. If you have been there and done that, then you know the challenges involved in hiring designers. Plus, the costs only increase when you are in a hurry and have just a couple of days to set up your website. During such times, you can rely on Inmotion’s 2-Day WordPress website setup that comes with a one-time fee of $99, making it an ideal choice for small businesses. That’s because, in this package, you get a one-page website that is linked to your social media accounts and designed by Pros from the US. Also, they make it a point to design your site to be responsive and enabled for Google Search.

If that does not seem affordable, then your last option is to use a managed WordPress hosting. You must know that Inmotion offers you the best WordPress hosting plans with a one-click setup. This is absolutely perfect for small businesses, startups, and bloggers that lack technical skills and cannot afford designing services. All the four WordPress plans offered by Inmotion are reasonably priced and the starter plan costs just $6.99 per month, while the most advanced WordPress plan with dedicated server costs around $105.69 per month. This plan with a dedicated server is the best WordPress plan for established businesses that require minimal technical intervention. It helps cut back on technical costs by allowing you and your authors to easily manage the site. 

Supported Technologies

Most online businesses, both startups and those that are at the verge of establishing their online presence tend to start small and subsequently expand their horizons. So, as you begin your online presence with a website, you need to be prepared to scale up.

Doing this requires you to make use of various technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Perl, Python and more. That becomes extremely convenient with Inmotion’s hosting plans as Inmotion supports all of these technologies and more. Also, you can easily integrate Google Apps into your website, which helps reduce costs, ensure better security and makes it extremely simple to manage data. 

Security Features

Cybercrime is at its peak, with at least one website being attacked every 39 seconds.  So, if you want to protect yourself from these hackers, then you need to implement the necessary security measures. While some security measures are easy to implement and absolutely under the website administrator’s control, there are some that require the use of additional tools that do not come cheap. With this in mind, Inmotion offers a free security suite with all its plans, which makes it one of the best web hosting services providers.

This security suite consists of advanced tools that effectively counter DDoS, one of the most dreaded forms of cyberattacks. Also, you can back-up your website automatically for free, which is effective against potential ransomware attacks. Unlike most other hosting companies, Inmotion understands the need of the hour and offers useful security freebies. This keeps your website safe and also ensures PCI compliance, which is essential for businesses accepting card payments through their websites.

Outstanding Customer Support

If you run a small business and also manage your own website without much technical know-how, then you can immensely benefit from Inmotion’s customer care services. This includes free website migration, WordPress support, and a guaranteed 4-hour turnaround, even for those who buy Inmotion’s cheap web hosting plans. For those who invest in advanced plans such as hosting plans with dedicated IP, the turnaround time is just an hour. Also, Inmotion’s customer care personnel are available all through the year and round the clock.


All the above-mentioned features make Inmotion one of the best web hosting service providers in the industry, and for more reasons, than you can count. So, if you wish to pick a hosting services provider for your websites or custom applications, then choosing Inmotion could prove to be extremely beneficial. All the plans and freebies offered by Inmotion make it an outstanding option for startups and small businesses.

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