Hostwinds Review: An Excellent Web Hosting Service!

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A reliable website hosting service is like a gold mine for your brand to deliver a high-quality benefit to the people. And why not? The usability of a website is based on three pillars: effective web design, search engine optimization, and reliable web hosting.

If you are seeking a strong and versatile web hosting solution, consider Hostwinds- as your first choice. Hostwinds is one business in an ocean of hosting groups, yet it stands out. It is undoubtedly an ideal option for small firms that require unlimited storage and bandwidth, especially if they desire a lot of visitors to their site.

In this Hostwinds review, we take a deeper look at this excellent web hosting service to see if it is a suitable fit for your requirements. We will look at the pricing plans, user interface, primary features, support, and other aspects of the service.

So, let’s get started!

What are Hostwinds?

Hostwinds is a web hosting business established in the United States that offers customers an all-in-one solution. It encourages corporate solutions at small business prices and excellent customer service.

Hostwinds has complete control over its infrastructures, including servers, systems, and structures. When it comes to their clients’ continuing hosting needs, Hostwinds does not rely on the services of a middleman. This allows businesses to pass on the savings to their valued hosting clients without paying an exorbitant price for their hosting needs.

In addition, Hostwinds offers reliable cloud solutions at a suitable price. Its expert assistance is available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and guarantees 99.9999 percent uptime. Customers of Hostwinds may rest easy knowing that their hosting is in good hands.

Features of RoseHosting

Ease of use:

Hostwinds is an excellent web hosting service with a simple program that is intended to be generous and valuable. It presents its users with a quick setup from the start and delivers with specialized onboarding and simple website transfer. You utilize a control panel and admin access that are simple to explore and adjust to your individual needs daily.

Everything, including cPanel access to installation procedures, statistics, email settings, and security tools, works as expected. It has quick shortcuts and email account design tools, which are prominently displayed on the account dashboard. Above all, Hostwinds allows clients to start a ticket or browse the knowledgebase from the account dashboard, and a support representative is always open through a live chat window in the corner of the screen.


You get a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate when you buy a Hostwinds shared hosting plan or business hosting plan; you get a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts all data entered by users on your site, ensuring that all data transmitted from your site to the server remains private. When it comes to establishing user trust, this is a good metric these days.

One significant benefit of an SSL certificate is that it makes your URL HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP. Google marks HTTP sites as unsecured, which will drive potential customers away from your site in droves. If Google is flagging your website and calling it unsafe, no one will trust you with their personal information.


Hostwinds provides substantial redundancy to provide excellent performance and a solid uptime guarantee of 99.999 percent.

They are headstrong about your service being available at all times. They use various upstream suppliers, allowing them to choose the best way out of their facilities. They use automated path rerouting, redundant controllers, and core routers as part of their failover techniques.

They take extra care to include various fail-safes to ensure in the case of any malfunction. Their service is still available, thanks to 2 access switches that link their servers. 


Hostwinds offers live chat support on its website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which we found exceptional, quick, and helpful. You may also use the site to send Hostwinds an email or file a support request. On the other hand, phone support is lacking. Despite this, Hostwinds offers a comprehensive collection of self-help resources, including product manuals, tutorials, and an informative blog.

Hostwinds Services

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting can be suitable for you if you don’t need high-end servers to keep your website up and to run.

The most basic package is Hostwinds shared hosting. It provides a cost-effective option for customers who are just starting. Users have access to the same resources. This permits maintenance costs to be shared across 60 clients per server.

Performance is one thing, but the price is another. Because it’s shared, your visitors will occasionally encounter normal speeds. There’s also a fair usage policy in place. Your website may be taken offline briefly during periods of high usage. This is a safeguard that prevents server overloading and misuse.

VPS Hosting

Users who want to develop their websites on servers with more power than shared web hosting may consider VPS hosting. With VPS hosting, your site shares server space, but there are many fewer other sites fighting for resources. VPS hosting is way more costlier than shared hosting, but it is worth the price if you want high traffic. VPS sites are also considered to be more secure since virtualization isolates part of their resources.

Clients that utilize Hostwinds get a virtual server to use in any way they see fit. It is ideally suited for hosting high-performance websites such as eCommerce, gaming/streaming, and file sharing.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a robust hosting option that sets your website on its server. Consequently, your site gets access to massive server resources, allowing it to resist enormous visitor loads. Hostwinds offers configurable or prefabricated Linux or Windows-based dedicated servers.

A dedicated server is overkill for most small enterprises, but dedicated servers are a viable solution for those with heavily frequented, resource-intensive websites. You have complete control over everything with a dedicated server, including all applications that run and operating systems executed.

WordPress Hosting

Because WordPress is one of the most popular website builders on the internet, Hostwinds follows in the footsteps of other website hosting providers by providing WordPress-specific plans. WordPress CMS may be installed directly on Hostwinds, including specially optimized servers.

WordPress options from Hostwinds begin at $8.99 monthly for a single hosted domain with infinite storage and month-to-month file transfer.

Cloud Hosting

Hostwinds also provides cloud hosting, a web hosting in which CPU, RAM, and other resources are distributed over numerous servers. It differs from a standard hosting in that a single server powers it. The benefit is that your site is not restricted to the resources of a single server.

With this setting, your users will always have rapid response times. It is suited for operating social networking sites, smartphone apps, and other applications.

Cloud services allow you to scale up and down depending on your needs. The cost is adaptable. It enables you to pay for the resources that you utilize. You may update your CPU/RAM during peak traffic periods with little downtime.

Pricing: Hostwinds Review

Hostwinds costs are very ordinary for consumer-level hosts, and you’ll have to spend considerably more if you want add-ons like monitoring or backups. Apart from that, Hostwinds offers three different shared hosting options. 

Basic at $5.24/month

Hostwinds allows you to host a single website for just $5.24 per month. When you need to renew, the price returns to $8.254/month, which is still a reasonable renewal price. The plan is appropriate for your first website.

Advanced at $6.74/month

The Advanced plan isn’t much more costly, starting at $6.74/month. It allows for creating four websites, ideal for more enterprising web admins.

Ultimate at $8.24/month

The Ultimate plan is almost like an Advanced plan. It removes the domain restriction, allowing you to host an unlimited number of web applications. It begins at $8.24 a month, which is still quite affordable. Furthermore, the low cost allows for an easy transition into Corporation hosting or Hostwinds VPS.

Pros And Cons: Hostwinds Review


  • Solid uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Responsive Customer Service with a Simple Plan Structure
  • Channels of assistance
  • Weebly Website Builder access
  • affordable hosting solution 
  • Simple to Use Control Panel and Dashboard
  • SSL certificates are available for free.


  • The number of data server possibilities is restricted.
  • The refund process is not as straightforward as it appears.

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Hostwinds Review: Bottom Line

There’s a lot to like about Hostwinds. It has good performance and a responsive and competent customer service crew. Then there’s a great deal of features and advanced add-on services. The host, however, provides excellent value for money with an entrance fee of $2.35 per month. All of this is on top of an unlimited all-in-one package that includes a fantastic website builder and limitless storage and bandwidth.

Furthermore, the lack of server locations or non-free domain names is not something you should worry about– these are minor concerns in the great scheme of things. However, their uptime performance has been inconsistent, so this is something to keep an eye on.

It’s an excellent web hosting service, especially for corporate sites that need the flexibility to grow. So, what are your thoughts about Hostwinds? Did you like our detailed Hostwinds review? Let us know in the comment section below.

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