Best Managed WordPress Hosting- Flywheel Review 2022

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When you’re just getting started, there is a slew of inexpensive hosting that can get you up and running for as little as $5 a month.

However, when you’re running a fully effective online business, are a blogger, or even a development firm, you deal with multiple issues. 

A single outage or backup failure can result in a loss of visitors and thus revenue.

Here’s when best managed WordPress hosting Flywheel comes in handy.

Flywheel hosting is one of the best managed WordPress hosting options that WordPress has officially approved. 

They have a great assemblage of features for regular WordPress users and agencies, but are they the best option for your specific requirements?

We will look at Flywheel’s WordPress-specific features, how its support team performs, performance benchmarks, and price information. 

Let’s get this WordPress Flywheel review rolling!


Getflywheel Review 2022


In the year 2012, Dusty Davidson, Rick Knudston, and Tony Noecker founded Flywheel Hosting Company. 

Flywheel Hosting is a high-end WordPress hosting company situated in Omaha, Nebraska.

Flywheel is a hosting service that caters to web designers and creative businesses.

It is one of the most reliable hosting services that WordPress has officially recommended. 

Since 2012, the Flywheel team has specialized in supplying the best hosting for web designers and client management. 

They provide top-of-the-line hosting that is lightning fast, simple to use, and most notably, managed.

Managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than the $5 hosting, but it also annihilates all of your hosting headaches.

Client administration, branded reporting, subscription invoicing, agency partner rewards, and managed WordPress hosting are all contained with Flywheel products and features.


  1. A full Suite of Tools for Agencies
  2. Powerful WordPress Hosting Platform
  3. Exclusive Agency Partner Program

Flywheel Products & Features


Flywheel offers five primary products in addition to its important characteristics. They’re 

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Growth Suite
  • WooCommerce Sites
  • High-Traffic Sites
  • Add-ons

Let us discuss them all one by one-

Managed WordPress Hosting– The best hosting solution for busy creatives


A managed WordPress host will provide you with additional features like automated nightly backups and WordPress upgrades in addition to the servers. 

Flywheel specialises in WordPress servers and services. Hence, the name “managed WordPress host”.

Because each server is for a particular CMS, your sites will have the best possible performance and security.

This will make it easier for you to manage your sites. Additionally, their WordPress experts are there to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For busy creatives, the best managed WordPress hosting plan prices start at $13 per month, and they’ll migrate all of your websites for free!

There’s a lot of technical stuff underneath its well-designed interface to keep your WordPress sites fast, safe, and operating smoothly. 

Flywheel’s excellent hosting infrastructure, powered by the Google Cloud Platform, was built to meet all of your site’s needs (and more)!

Among the features that come standard with this hosting are the following:

  • Super-Fast & Reliable Site Execution

The Flywheel architecture ensures that your WordPress site has adequate uptime and page load times. Further, it can swiftly scale up to manage traffic spikes and surges, thanks to its Google cloud platform-backed container technology.

Specialty Features- 


Your site will automatically mend itself in the unlikely possibility of a service collapse, resulting in elevated uptime, consistent performance, and lesser site crashes.


Its caching mechanism is well-suited to the most popular themes and plugins, guaranteeing that your site is cached (or not!) only when it is required.

  • CDN

No extra charge for a quality CDN that ensures lightning-fast page loads for site visitors all around the world.

  • Anti-hacker and anti-malware protection to the highest level

The software saves your WordPress sites, so you don’t have to be concerned about security plugins and focus on other crucial business aspects.

Specialty Features- 


Plugin security warnings notify you about plugins that pose a security risk to your website, and if your site has any malware infections, the flywheel will clean them up for free!


Flywheel manages major and minor WordPress upgrades, ensuring that older versions do not pose a security risk to your sites.


It will preserve backups of your site on a separate server for 30 days and allow you to roll back with a one-click restoration if necessary.

  • 24/7 Real Support 

Get rid of robotic auto-replies and mediocre responses with WordPress specialists who will clear the backlog and aid you, your sites, and your business.

Specialty Features- 

  • 24/7/365 Support

Regardless of your time zone or working hours, their global team is available to support you with valuable resolutions.

  • Easy Ticket Submission  from the Flywheel Dashboard

They’ve constructed an in-app support background that makes it simple to create, respond to, and close tickets.

  • Easily Find the Resources for Help

For your convenience, the Flywheel support team has assembled a list of frequently asked questions and WordPress pedagogy.

  • A Straightforward Start to Finish Experience

Flywheel (a great hosting company) can help you manage WordPress sites and improve workflow with its feature-rich dashboard, well-suited for small businesses and large creative teams alike.

  • Goodbye CPANEL

Flywheel’s dashboard can provide you with all of the tools you need (plus a lot more!) in a fun, user-friendly environment.

  • Streamlined Workflow

For a faster process, Flywheel includes staging sites, dashboard customization, and site layouts.

  • Smooth Collaboration with Everyone

Whether you’re working with a client, a team, or a one-time freelancer, collaboration is simple at every level.

Growth Suite


Client and site management, branded client reports, billing, and managed WordPress hosting are all benefits of this all-in-one solution for your growing agency.

Flywheel’s growth package replaces unstructured spreadsheets and unnecessary fees with a single dashboard for client and site management, reporting, billing, and reselling managed WordPress hosting for growing your agency more rapidly.

You’ll have the information and conviction to create monthly recurring revenue and scale your business with its customized dashboard and easy-to-digest data at your fingertips.

You’ll get access to all of the resources listed below to help you grow your business.

  • Personalized Dashboard

You’ll have access to cash flow information at any time.

  • Recurring and One-Time Invoicing

Creating invoices tailormade to your client’s requirements.

  • Client Management

All of your client’s information is in one location for easy use.

  • Client Reports

Send reports with your agency’s branding and Google Analytics integration.

  • Bulk Site Management

You can sort and filter all of your web pages from a single spot.

  • Fully Integrated with Stripe

Bill customers safely and securely with Stripe.

  • Automated Communication

And they send out emails to your clients with your logo on them.

  • All Under Your Own Brand

You can use your brand for white-labeled temporary domains, the client portal, and client emails.


WooCommerce Sites


Increase website speed by 40% and sales by 18% with next-level eCommerce WordPress hosting.

Specialty Features-

  • The Fastest WordPress Host for WooCommerce Stores

The robust hosting platform by WP Engine delivers enhanced site speed! 

Its compute-optimized dedicated servers will ensure the smooth running of your WooCommerce store. 

Additionally, they’ll handle the technical details so you can focus on running your business, creating products, and boosting your dedicated client base.

  • Sell More with Instant & Relevant Search Results

Instant Store Search (powered by ElasticPress, the WordPress search experts) lets you highlight the most valuable products. Autocomplete can help you increase conversions.

  • Create eCommerce Landing Pages Faster

With customized WordPress eCommerce themes and WooCommerce-optimized Gutenberg blocks, you can create seamless purchasing experiences.

They also feature fully customizable eCommerce blocks with Genesis Custom Blocks, which you or your team may customize with or without code!

  • Built-in Security, for You & Your Customers

You may rest easy knowing that your eCommerce site is secure.

Their platform is optimized for WordPress to relieve security threats, and they will conduct a SOC 2 Type II security and availability evaluation.

  • Real Help from Real Humans, 24/7/365

With a single click, you’ll be able to contact our helpful real-time support team no matter where you are.

You can talk to a live person, read detailed documentation, and get all the answers you need in one spot.

Their WordPress professionals aren’t here to clear the wait; they’re here to help you and your business succeed.

And their team of experts will build your ideal eCommerce plan.

Rather than putting your site onto a plan that isn’t suited for it, they will work with you to design a unique package tailored to your needs and ensure that you have all the specifications for the highest success.

Refer to the image below for full details on the eCommerce plan.


Check plan-

  • Professional

At $75 per month, the best way to increase store sales and traffic You can have up to three sites and receive up to 25,000 monthly visits.

  • Growth

This plan provides all the abilities to establish and grow stores faster at $145/MO, up to 10 sites, and 100,000 monthly visits.

  • Scale

Higher capacity and site limits to scale your store at $350/MO, Up to 30 sites, and 400,000 visits/month.

  • Dedicated Hosting

It’s a one-of-a-kind plan custom-made to fit your requirements.

Compute optimized and up to 40% quicker. Scalable, high-performing, and ultra-secure solution with white-glove onboarding, launch readiness evaluation, and technical health recommendations.

Why should you choose the Flywheel eCommerce plan over another platform? 

Its eCommerce offerings supply significantly faster sites and conversion rates thanks to an infrastructure built specifically for WooCommerce. 

Furthermore, it can speed up your site by up to 40% while simultaneously increasing revenue by up to 18%.

High Traffic Sites


High-traffic WordPress solutions with advanced security, scalable architecture, and white-glove customer support for most critical sites.

Check Features-

  • Scale to Millions of Visitors

Flywheel’s enterprise-grade infrastructure, proprietary cache layer, and intelligent network layer help you grow your WordPress sites. Choose a platform that will help you grow as your online business augments.

  • Enterprise-Grade Uptime & Security

The platform assures you have enough uptime to keep your business thriving. And you can safeguard your brand with WordPress enterprise-grade security.

  • Manage Your Site with Ease

They offer simple, easy-to-use tools for making quick changes to your website.

Invite collaborators with a single click, create staging environments with a single click, and manage a lot more from your beautiful dashboard.

Do you want to make some adjustments to your website? Or, Do you need to restore a backup?

Join Best Web Hosting Provider Now-


  • Easily Collaborate with Anyone and Everyone

You can add anyone as a collaborator to administer the site, modify files, and update the database, regardless of who you’re working with. 

They’ll each get their login and SSO access, allowing you to get rid of the password spreadsheet and collaborate rapidly.



Enhance your strategy with extra services and solutions.


  • Performance Insights

Flywheel’s team of experts will send you reports highlighting site performance, areas for development, and actionable recommendations through Performance Insights.

Enable Add-on + first site at $25/mo

Enable for each extra site at $2/mo

  • Managed Plugin Updates

They’ll update any plugins on your site to the most recent version daily or weekly.

Each site at $8/mo

Have 31+ sites? For Bulk Bookings Contact Great Hosting Company, Flywheel


  • Google Analytics

Its Google Analytics Add-on provides you with the data you need to uncover your users’ main behaviours and adapt your web strategy to focus on what counts. 

To get started, all you need is a Google Analytics account.

And Enable it for Free!

The add-ons of your choice are enabled by logging in to your Flywheel account. 

You can select Add-Ons from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the dashboard and enable it.

All hosting options include access to Performance Insights and Plugin Updates.

Performance Insights are $25/month for the first site and $2/month per additional site. 

Managed Plugin Updates for each site start at $8 per month.

All of the plan options are available on the pricing page.

Add-ons are also available for Custom plans; contact one of the flywheel’s product specialists for additional information.

Great Hosting Company Flywheel- All Features



  • Server-side Caching for WordPress
  • A Beautifully Designed User Interface
  • Free Migration
  • Transfer billing to your clients.
  • Staging Websites with a Single Click
  • SSL Certificates for Free Let’s Encrypt is in charge.
  • All clients hosted on VPS (Virtual Private Server) servers.
  • WordPress support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • 14-day free demo sites
  • WordPress Core Protection And Solid Security
  • Off-site nightly backups (with one-click restores!)
  • CDN Integrations Made Simple
  • Exceptional Uptime
  • You can change your plans at any time.
  • Security alerts for plugins notifications
  • SSH Gateway for a more advanced experience
  • SFTP reimagined (One Login)
  • Easy to use collaboration tools
  • Error logs, access logs, and slow error logs are all accessible.
  • Site Stats
  • Seven different server locations.
  • NGINX 
  • Payable VIA PAYPAL Or Credit Card


How to Get Started

You can begin with the best web hosting provider by selecting one of the pricing plans listed below.

Flywheel Pricing: How Much is Flywheel Hosting?


Flywheel’s managed WordPress hosting services keep your websites fast, safe, and reliable while also providing the workflow tools you need to develop pleasing websites for yourself and your clients.

Check Plans of the best managed WordPress hosting

  • Tiny

It is Ideal for small, simple installs. At$13/MO billed at $150/year.

Includes 2 months free!

  • Starter

This one is the most popular single‑site plan at $25/MO billed at $300/year.

Includes 2 months free!

  • Freelance

At $96/MO billed at $1150/year.

Includes 2 months free!

  • Agency

At $242/MO billed at $2900/year.

Includes 2 months free!

Refer to the image below for full managed WordPress Hosting plan’s features-


Growth Suite gives your firm all the tools it needs to grow: client and site management, billing software, and revenue insights.

Check Plans-


  • Freelance

It’s a wonderful setup for your increasing client list for $113/MO billed at $1350/year.

Includes 2 months free!

  • Agency

At $275/MO billed at $3300/year.

Includes 2 months free!

  • Custom

A personalized hosting plan from flywheel to fit your requirements!

Contact Now

Refer to the image below for Growth Suite plan-


Compare Plans-


Add-Ons Plans

Refer to the image below for Add-ons-



Get a plan that is made specifically for you.

Whether you have 100+ sites or a mission-critical project, they can support all types of WordPress sites and requirements.

Simply fill out the form below and customize your plan as needed!


Flywheel Help

Flywheel assistance is only a mouse click away! 

Log into the Flywheel dashboard to talk to a live professional, submit a ticket, or read through detailed documentation. 

Their team is happy to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

Refer to the images below for more details-




Pros and Cons of Flywheel|Getflywheel Review|

Let’s take a definitive look at the benefits and drawbacks of Flywheel before we wind up this evaluation.

  • WordPress-specific (and security) choices galore.
  • Excellent assistance.
  • The performance is quick and consistent.
  • For freelancers and agencies, there are more sophisticated features available.
  • SLA-backed 99.95 percent uptime.
  • Management software for workflows
  • The UI is modern and easy to use.
  • Restricted access to the backend.
  • Price is higher than some competitions, especially if you plan to host many sites.
  • Flywheel does not sell domains or provide email hosting services.

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Conclusion|Getflywheel Review|

It’s simple to see why Flywheel is one of the most popular WordPress managed hosting services. 

Flywheel provides a reliable managed hosting service at a reasonable price. 

Although there are cheap options, few can match Flywheel’s total service excellence. 

Flywheel is undoubtedly a choice worth regarding if you’re a WordPress user with a small budget.

We learned that the site is the most aesthetically pleasing official hosting site for any hosting company. 

They are uncluttered and professional, but they do not push you to purchase them.

In addition, the account signup website was clean and clear, and the all-around experience of purchasing an account from them was effortless.

As compared to shared systems, managed WordPress hosting offers a superior experience. 

If your budget allows it, managed hosting is undoubtedly an option to consider – the only question is which managed hosting provider to choose. 

Do you agree with the findings reached in our WordPress Flywheel review? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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