Kamatera Review: Know Why You Should Hire This Cloud Service Provider

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Kamatera is a Toronto-based cloud service provider with over two decades of experience in offering a wide assortment of cloud management software and services. If you run a small business or develop SaaS products, then it can be overwhelming to compete with established brands in your industry. Regardless of what you sell in the digital marketplace, the competition is intense.

So, it’s better to prepare for all the difficulties that you are likely to encounter. Whether you sell web builders, run an eCommerce store, or offer web hosting solutions, you need to deliver more for less, and that does not necessarily mean cost reduction. Most small and mid-sized businesses rule out the possibility of switching to cloud solutions due to the high-priced products and services offered by mainstream cloud service providers.




However, innovative cloud service providers like Kamatera provide more for less, and that’s exactly what we are about to discuss in this Kamatera review 2021. Finding such a service provider is crucial to penetrate the current market because you need to compete with established brands on various fronts — product quality, brand awareness, user experience, and, most importantly, product pricing.

As a small business, you often need to work around your product pricing to induce customers and then keep them hooked by delivering excellent service. In this Kamatera review, we will educate and inform you about how this low-profile cloud service provider can help you reduce operational costs. From block storage to pay-per-use commercial software, there’s so much that you can save. All of this cost reduction enables you to offer pocket-friendly products and services. As a growing business, this plays a crucial role in deciding how much market share you can capture.


Why this Cloud Service Provider? 




Cloud Services are capital guzzlers and require businesses to have a deep pocket. So, if you are a small or mid-sized business that believes in keeping its costs low, then hiring Kamatera could solve many problems for you. The wide range of products and services offered by this cloud service provider can help deliver superior user experience, besides bringing down the existing maintenance and operational costs.

Kamatera is a one-stop solution for setting up and managing your cloud infrastructure without spending a considerable amount. As the cloud management software and the server backup software offered by Kamatera is user-friendly and easy to operate, you won’t have to hire external technical experts to manage your resources. Your current System Administrator should be able to handle it quite conveniently.

In case support is required, then you need not worry about incurring additional consultation costs as Kamatera offers 24×7 technical assistance to all its customers. With that said, let us now figure out more about this cloud service provider’s services to know how it can be beneficial for your business.


Complete Cloud Solutions 




Planning a cloud infrastructure and setting it up can be overwhelming for any business. There is so much that needs to be done. You need to focus on security issues, allocation of resources, performance optimization, and so much more. All of this becomes a whole lot easier when you hire Kamatera as their powerful virtual machines, and other solutions are all set to fuel your existing IT infrastructure.

You need to put across your business requirements, and the rest would be taken care of. This cloud service provider has all the resources and capabilities required to meet complex business demands with an extensive suite of products and services. Its sizable suite includes cloud management software, server backup software, firewall, application servers, mail servers, load balancers, and more. So, depending on your industry’s requirements, you can choose the products and services that you require.


Centralized Control 




No Kamatera review can be complete without a mention of its advanced cloud management console that enables centralized control of your cloud infrastructure. You can use it to manage your domain, configure security measures, or as a server backup software. There is a lot more your System Administrator can do with this web-based interface.

Small and mid-sized businesses can immensely benefit from this cloud management console. It allows enterprises to scale up and scale down their resources at the touch of a button. If you are a developer working on a SaaS project and have a basic understanding of servers, then you can easily manage your cloud infrastructure without hiring anyone else. Plus, cloud infrastructure is free from the risk of hardware and software crashes. So there isn’t much that one needs to do after the initial set up.




Cost-effective Cloud Block Storage


Data is the new oil, but when there is too much of it, then things can get out of hand. Especially if you run an eCommerce business or need to store historical data. The toughest challenges faced by such companies is the storage, management, and transfer of data. After all, just getting a server backup software does not help as you first need to have enough room to store the server backups.

Therefore, you need a more comprehensive solution such as an affordable cloud block storage and what can be better than one that comes with exceptional security features. Kamatera offers this by allowing highly scalable resources to businesses. It starts at just 0.05 per GB with no limits on IOPS. So, you’d have to pay only $25 per month for 500 GB of cloud block storage. It is a highly affordable pricing pattern and is ideal for businesses that rely on customer data for order fulfillment.


Manage Cloud Hosting with a web hosting panel 




If you are a business with a whole bunch of websites, then the easiest way to manage them is with a web hosting control panel. Kamatera offers cPanel, WHM, or Parallels Plesk for Linux users and the choice of either WebsitePanel or Parallels Plesk for Windows users. Although this feature is pretty standard among shared web hosting users, web control panels were often a premium feature that only established businesses could afford.

However, Kamatera offers it with all its cloud solutions. It makes it easier for businesses to control their cloud infrastructure and make the necessary changes. It also works well for companies involved in offering hosting services because managing your resources becomes a whole lot easier. Moreover, this feature makes it extremely easy for those without a technical background to extend cloud hosting services to their existing clientele. It includes digital marketers, Copywriters, and other SaaS solutions providers.


Build a Private Cloud Network 




There are times when your business model may require more privacy. That’s usually in the cases of consulting businesses, the healthcare sector, the legal sector, and a few others. In the yesteryears, it wasn’t easy nor convenient to build a private cloud network. Doing this was a privilege reserved solely for large enterprises that could afford the services of highly specialized technical experts. Now that’s not how Kamatera looks at it.

In fact, with its easy-to-use cloud management software, Kamatera makes it extremely convenient to build and manage a private cloud network. So, organizations that need to comply with HIPAA requirements or other industry-related regulations can keep their customer data safe from cybercriminals.




Also, throughout the data collection process, you don’t have to worry about redundancy as you’d be unleashing the power of cloud computing. So, despite availing the benefits of a cloud, you’d still have your privacy intact with a private cloud network.


Set up your RDP


If you run a small or mid-sized business that hires virtual assistants, then you know the flags that cross-border IPs can raise. For example, if you signed up for an eBay store in the US. But your virtual assistant accesses it from Kenya to manage it, then your account is all set to get flagged. It is just one scenario in which RDP can save you from a lot of trouble. This cloud service provider makes it extremely convenient to connect with other systems across the globe.

You may wonder why you need to configure an RDP. A VPN can do everything to mask your current IP. To know that, let’s take a slightly different assumption. Let us assume that you run a small eCommerce business that makes use of a licensed database management software. Such software does not come cheap. If you hire multiple developers and database managers, you’d know how costly this could be.




So, you can make use of Kamatera to set up your RDP and share the software across various systems worldwide. It lets you get the most out of a single software license without sharing its license key with others.


Save up on Software


Businesses need commercial licenses for their IT infrastructure. It includes Operating Systems, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Remote Desktop CAL, Microsoft Office, web hosting control panels, and more. All of these are expensive but need investment. The most cost-effective way of doing that is through Kamatera, without worrying about the one-off license fee.

Purchasing software based on a pay-per-use model can help businesses cut back a significant amount of operational costs. From the most basic ones to the advanced database managers, you can choose whichever ones you want. Also, certain products are charged on a per-server basis, which again translates into enormous savings. Web hosting solution providers can significantly reduce their overheads. They can do so by paying for web hosting licenses such as cPanel or Plesk on a per-server basis.




Software License Pricing

  • Microsoft Windows Server (Any Edition) costs just $18 per month
  • SQL Server (Web Edition for two cores) at $29
  • Microsoft Office Standard at $14 per user
  • Web hosting control panels (cPanel, Plesk) between $5 and $15 per server
  • Microsoft Exchange priced between $0.70 and $3.90 per user
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop CAL costs $6 per user 


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Kamatera’s cloud network spreads across 13 strategically connected data centers, which ensures better security and superior user experience. Also, its modest pricing and 30-day money-back guarantee is a big plus. Small businesses that are looking for cost-effective solutions especially benefit from it. As Kamatera offers cloud hosting resources, and all other connected products and services, there’s nowhere else you need to go.

Considering all of that, we strongly recommend this cloud service provider to small and mid-sized businesses. Some of them are eCommerce websites, software developers, large affiliate marketers, web hosting solution providers, etc. However, you need to know your exact requirements to customize your purchase and to get the most out of it. Make it a point to have precise estimates of everything. It can be the number of users, servers, and volume of traffic before seeking a quote.





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